Wood Countertop: The Premier Choice for a mountain modern Bathroom Remodel in Colorado.

Can wood really be a functional counter top material for your bathroom or powder room remodel?


You betcha!  Wood is the most versatile countertop material available in the world and has been used for centuries.  We source the finest urban lumber in the United States that is sustainable and use environmentally friendly methods to obtain it.  North American hardwoods are some of the most durable and beautiful woods found anywhere in the world.  In addition, they are anti-microbial and can withstand the test of time if prepared and finished properly.  It’s extremely important to use a finish that will lock out moisture which is why we use a tung oil/resin blend that does just that.  Several coats penetrate deeply into the surface while we also finish every side and the bottom to ensure thorough protection.


Select a hardwood that is right for you: one that not only fits your decor, but compliments your space.  Live Edge Vail has many choices to exceed your standards such as Walnut, Maple, Elm, Ash, Honey Locust to name a few and limited quantities of rare and exotic reclaimed lumber from century old barns.  Enjoy the art of selecting your lumber, species and style.  Then sit back, relax and watch our expert craftsmanship and attention to detail come to life during your remodel project and have a one-off piece nobody else has.


Upgrade your kitchen or bathroom with a unique design from Live Edge Vail and make an investment that will last a lifetime.  Allow us to create a piece of functional art for your home or business that it deserves which also adds value, character, and warmth.  Our wood tops create stunning solutions for any room and application.  We guarantee our client’s custom handcrafted heirloom-grade wood products, complete with an artisan hand-rubbed finish that showcases the beauty and warmth of our products.  Let us surpass your expectations with our custom design, fabrication, and installation.  Call Live Edge Vail today at 970-471-2492.