Red Elm Live Edge Dining Table – Vail, Colorado

It’s refreshing in today’s world knowing that re-purposing and recycling takes place on a large scale despite its ongoing work and continuous education.  Sometimes, we often don’t see it’s benefits.  As woodworkers, we feel we have the obligation to re-purpose trees other than see it being burned for firewood or being thrown in the chipper for mulch.  At Live Edge Vail, we see an immediate impact and the enjoyment it brings from the sawyers to woodworkers to the client.  In the woodworking world, we speak for most that when a tree needs to be brought down, it has an opportunity to become a functional yet beautiful part of our world in some shape or form.  In this example, a live edge slab from Maryland gets turned into a massive dining table in Vail, Colorado.

Most logs that get milled and used for furniture have an unknown history however this one is very different.  This 175+ year old tree once stood at the Rising Sun Inn which is a historic home in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.  It is a ​1 12-story frame house built in the mid- and late-18th-century. The earlier section dates to about 1753.  The home has been used as the headquarters of the Anne Arundel Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution since 1916.  In 1985, The Rising Sun Inn was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Enjoy its journey through the pics below.

Measurements – 120″ x 36″-39″ x 2″

Preparing the table ::

Historic Photo of Rising Sun Inn, Anne Arundel County, Maryland ::  Red Elm tree standing on right.  Early 1900’s Photo.

Historic Pic


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