Why Wood Countertops for your Kitchen or Bath?

Why is Wood the Best Choice for Functional Countertops for your kitchen or bath remodel?

Wood is the most customizable countertop material. When you choose Live Edge Vail to fabricate your countertops, we bring your ideas to life with expert craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Wood Countertops are extremely durable and anti-microbial. Upgrade your kitchen or bathroom with a unique design from Live Edge Vail and make an investment that will last a lifetime.  We will create a piece of functional art for your home or business that it deserves which also adds value, character, and warmth.  Our wood tops create stunning solutions for any room and application.

Popular extras for countertops include built-in cutting boards, waste holes and drain slots.   A large cutting board is a great alternative if you don’t want a full butcher block top.   A waste hole is a real timesaver when you’re preparing a big meal. It also keeps your trash out of sight.  Drain slots are great for runoff into the sink to prevent pooling and water settling around the sink in your kitchen.

A full butcher block countertop is a functional luxury. It adds artistic appeal to your kitchen, and dedicated chefs will love the convenience.

We guarantee our client’s custom handcrafted heirloom-grade wood products, complete with an artisan hand-rubbed finish that showcases the beauty and warmth of our products.  Let us surpass your expectations with our custom design, fabrication, and installation.  Call Live Edge Vail today at 970-471-2492.