Fine Art: Live Edge Hard Maple End Table by Live Edge Vail – Colorado

Character and figure of this funky-spalted-curly-burly maple live edge hard wood slab immediately stands out.  However it’s the overall shape, which is a crucial fine art element that dictates the mood and appearance.  Circles, Triangles, rectangles, stars, and squares saturate the precise and prevalent movement of shapes throughout.  As artists, we love to use all types of shapes no matter what we are creating.

Mother nature has an amazing way of creating biomorphic (life/form) shapes in wood, especially spalted Maple.  While most of the shape is natural, the ends were initially cut flush/square, then re-shaped to replicate the long, curvy edges mirroring a windy coastal road.  Unlike most geometric shapes, biomorphic shapes are frequently irregular and rounded.  Careful attention to detail is placed on working the general shape followed by honing in on the details of the finish work.  More progress updates to come and additional info on spalted Maple…





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