Originally from Columbia, Maryland, Bruce and his wife have made Colorado their home since 2002.  Bruce started Live Edge Vail after 10+ years of re-modeling homes in Maryland and in the Vail Valley of Colorado.  He is known for his fine attention to detail, custom accents and the individual attention he provides to each project.  Bruce graduated with a Fine Art degree in Graphic Design from Towson University and has been exploring creative realms of art ever since.  Beyond woodworking, Bruce is passionate about architecture and design, photography, collecting vinyl records, and being an avid outdoors man.  Bruce enjoys influencing our modern world by redefining an American hand-crafted woodworking style.

Live Edge Vail utilizes a trusted talented team of Sawyers, Craftsman and Field Carpenters that we have worked with over the years, who are stoked to craft the finished product of your dreams.